So proud πŸ˜‚

So proud πŸ˜‚


was soo tight! Had to drive all over Mesa. Got to Tucson got to see all my old friends and go to a good show. Went on 4th, talked to people. Cute girl in the Minor Threat shirt give me a second slice of pizza for free at Brooklyn’s because we talked about straight edge. Drove all the way back to Mesa only to drive and hang out some more. Finally made it home and eating breakfast. Oh, and all fucking day/night we were driving a fucking Mustang!Β Such an awesome night. Going to sleep now.


phone 480-392-8977. Text me.



Someone should take me for my birthday. It’s going to be rad tho.

Someone should take me for my birthday. It’s going to be rad tho.


Hey what’s up

We’ll always have how i met your mother.


Jeanette Peterson - HIMYM

Bayside - Alcohol And Altar Boys
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There’s a voice in my head telling me why I should hate you, but I hate myself instead.Β There’s a pair of dead eyes in the mirror looking back at me, I guess it’s wrong to live life.. so lifelessly.

Scars are tearing open, along my palms and knees, guess thats what I should get for crawling back at your feet.Β And now i’m feeling so down, that theres no god above,

No mercy for a soul….thats just way too fucked up.

Had to post my favorite Bayside song since I won’t be seeing them tonight.Β